Quattro specchi opachi

Cinema Retro Magazine: "It’s a really rewarding listen, a homage that will particularly appeal to fans of the great Italian composers who emerged during that exciting period."


dusty groove: "Totally great work from Sospetto – the group's third album, and their best so far!"


The Active Listener: ""Quattro Specchi Opachi" is a more ambitious affair then their normal undertakings however, and sets out to prove that there's much more to this band than incredibly accomplished neo-Giallo vibes - although that would be plenty. (…) An essential purchase for lovers of psychedelic European soundtracks of the seventies."


examiner: "The band's latest release is their most ambitious to date, however, an effort-titled Quattro Specchi Opachi, translating roughly to "Four Blind Mirrors"-which combines four very stylistically different EPs into one massively successful and cohesive long player. (…) Impeccably performed with an obvious love for the source material-hell, there's even a bravura bonus cover of Bruno Nicolai's classic giallo jam "Sabba" included here to cap it all off-this German project are only getting better with each release, and it's only a matter of time before sharp-eyed genre score obsessives make the talented Sospetto a household name among movie geeks."


Universum Noll: "Sospettos tredje, och det går inte att undvika att rekommendera detta. Filmmusik är ibland bättre utan film."


Rocktrip: ""Quattro specchi opachi" dei Sospetto è un gran bel lavoro, di alto livello, che mi sento di consigliare ad ogni amante della buona musica. Se poi siete tra costoro che hanno amato le musiche del nostro cinema degli anni 70, allora non avete scampo: questo è un disco da comprare senza alcun esito. Mi congedo con il mio personale plauso alla Cineploit Records, che con orgoglio e maestria porta avanti un discorso interrotto da troppo tempo e che ultimamente sta rivivendo una meritata e quantomai desiderata seconda giovinezza. Avremo il piacere di farvi ascoltare i Sospetto durante la prossima stagione radiofonica di Rocktrip."





Non bussare alla porta del diavolo

Cinema Retro Magazine: "However, despite their obvious influences, Sospetto have a unique talent of sounding both fresh and unique. With this latest release, the German duo of Christian Rzechak and Hobo Jeans have raised the bar to some degree, smoothing out some rough edges and producing a much more polished album in the process. Tracks such as ‘Sulla Strada Verso Il Nulla’ and ‘Viena Da Me’ are a pure delight, enhanced by the laid back, lounge-like wordless vocals of Christine Marks - they are simply crying out for a film to accommodate!"


dusty groove: "Tremendous work from Sospetto. (…) The grooves here are wonderful – with a vivid vintage feel that makes everything sound like it was lifted from some eerie b-grade film from years back"


New Underground Music: "Non Bussare Alla Porta Del Diavolo bevat heerlijk afwisselende muziek, die me van begin tot eind heeft weten te boeien en ik kan iedereen deze CD dan ook aanraden eens te gaan beluisteren, om misschien tot dezelfde conclusie te komen als ik; Fantastisch!"


examiner: "Indeed, the sound of Sospetto has come into its own here on Diavolo, an album which is fine crafted, confident and ready to consume the minds of soundtrack lovers everywhere."


deadline issue 42, page 45: "Für Fans von Argento ist Sospetto ein wahres Fest."


coolibri issue 01/2014, page 28: "Neu ist die Idee von Filmmusik zu nicht-existenten Italostreifen der 70er Jahre nicht, die Bandbreite jedoch einzigartig. (...) Nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis Quentin Tarantino an die Studiotür der Klangzauberer klopft."





Segni misteriosi, con il sangue dipinto sul muro "Sospetto composers Christian Rzechak and Hobo Jeans have all the aces here, crafting songs which perfectly mimic the creepy and malevolent sound of classic Morricone, particularly that found on the maestro's early giallo work for director Dario Argento."


dusty groove: "A cool contemporary combo, but one who draw heavily from the sound of Italian film scores of the 70s (...) The overall presentation is wonderful – truly classic, and worthy of the great cover as well"


New Underground Music: "Sospetto heeft met "Segni Misteriosi, Con Il Sangue Dipinto Sul Muro" een fantastische CD gemaakt, die je gewoon gehoord moet hebben!"


Filmforum Bremen: "Mit „Segni Misteriosi, con il sangue dipinto sul muro“ nimmt uns Sospetto mit auf eine Reise in das Kino einer anderen Zeit. Zu gerne würde man hier den Film zum Soundtrack sehen."


Dark Entries: "Naast georkestreerde fragmenten kiezen de twee muzikanten voor funk, jazz, pop, bossa nova en gaat men soms zelfs op de experimentele toer."


The Active Listener: "German duo Sospetto have taken their love for the genre a step further than most and crafted a soundtrack for a non-existent film (...), which pays homage to the style of these soundtracks without resorting to pastiche or plagiarism at any point."