Non bussare alla porta del diavolo

These are several songs of the second album. The complete album will have 14 tracks.

Please watch the three little teaser; we shot a short movie (23 minutes) with some songs from the new album:

The album will be accompanied by this little flick. The first limited edition LP Set will include the album on CD and the movie on DVD (PAL only!) The CD version will include the movie on DVD too!

Segni misteriosi, con il sangue dipinto sul muro

The debut of SOSPETTO - a perfect blend of 60´s/70´s music, but with a modern touch. Perfect for every Giallo Party or Sleaze Disco!

15 tracks of audible black gloves, bloody razors and fateful affairs, like a soundtrack of a never-filmed italian shocker.


released 05 November 2012


All tracks composed by Christian Rzechak & Hobo Jeans

Published by Cineploit


Look for the CD-Digi or the limited Vinyl/CD-Set.